The million tasks of teaching

So you think you have a lot to do in your job?  While on prac I have been compiling a list of the different tasks that teachers come across in their day to day duties and I thought I would share them to start thinking about how on earth I’m going to manage them all!  Feel free to add to this list….

  1. Roll call
  2. Excursions/tours (including overseas)
  3. Extracurricular (e.g. Concert Band, Marching Band, choir, orchestra, guitar class, rock bands…)
  4. Distance Education
  5. Regional Achievement Awards
  6. Awards nights (including allocation of awards)
  7. Primary School engagement (e.g. choir, bands)
  8. Reports
  9. Parent teacher interviews
  10. Performing Arts auditions
  11. Marking/returning assessments & providing feedback
  12. Planning (yearly/topic/lesson)
  13. Morning teas (e.g. baking – very important part of teaching!)
  14. Raffles/fundraising
  15. Staff meetings, faculty meetings, parent group meetings
  16. Year advisor role
  17. Supervising prac teachers
  18. Warning letters/’n’ award notifications/calling parents/disciplining students
  19. Playground duty
  20. Bus duty

…and the list goes on.  You get the idea. A lot to think about!


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