Monthly Archives: August 2017

Artistic Quotes

So I’m taking a Year 11 Art class as an extra supervision, and I saw a student wandering around looking to be off task.

‘Would you mind terribly doing some Art this lesson?’

‘But Miss, this is Art!’

So I asked him if he was busy finding his muse. He replied that he was just finding ideas and thinking about what he could do for his sculpture.

‘So you’re finding your muse then?’

‘What’s that??’

He then explained that last year, he had created a piece commemorating Steve Irwin, and that his teacher had laughed at the final product.

‘Why was it so funny?’

‘Because I couldn’t be bothered to draw grass on it so I went outside and got some grass and stuck it to the paper’.

What a great kid. He can’t wait to be in Year 12 so he can concentrate on his favourite medium of drawing, instead of all this other stuff.